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ur website is now feature complete! We have our first Meetup scheduled. Facebook page fleshed out. YouTube page for the locals. Subreddit for our local flying community.

First Person View flying is here to stay. It has started to gain mainstream appeal- with a flood of new pilots in just the last 6 months and no signs of the trend changing.  You can already get one to fly around your house with FPV that includes goggles from Horizon Hobby It won’t be long till we see a ready to fly kit in our local Best Buy. Some people are calling it real world pod-racing.

Sunday the 16th will be our first event, a casual fly-in. Oasis has natural land markers that make for a great course to fly on. New events are coming up, including regular races every month. We still need to lockdown a location for them. Besides contacting the city we’ll also be getting in contact with our local AMA club about hosting racing at their field, and getting in touch with UCSC about potentially them hosting events with them. Plus an email out to both the Santa Cruz Economic Development Office & The Santa Cruz Parks & Recreation about designating a location specifically for FPV racing.