Dear Fellow Flyers – Today is a sad day for our local skies. Many of the spots that you have all come to know and love have been unjustly shutdown by Chet Bardo(831 335-6318) he is the Santa Cruz State Parks District Superintendent. Unfortunately he is unwilling to return my calls to talk about sensible local drone policy, stonewalling efforts to change an internal policy under his control, not a law.

As a pilot who has flown safely in Santa Cruz for years I find it appalling that new policies would be enacted without any sensible reason as to why. California State Parks are multi-use parks, and should be continued to be enjoyed safely and sanely by everyone.

This policy is also not listed publicly on any of the related parks websites, this has caused tension between pilots and locals as people have been informed by their neighbors, not their local government. This has caused situations of confusion and unrest among neighbors trying to enjoy our local parks together, with no signs, or any outward facing information that publicly states the new policy.

Not everywhere in Santa Cruz is shut down, this only pertains to flying directly from within local state parks. Pilots are still free to fly from non state park locations, you just cannot launch/fly from a state park. We urge all pilots to follow and adhere to FAA rules & regulations.

For any and all concerned parties please make your voice heard by contacting Chet Bardo- and if you want to help out more directly or get in contact with me, please call 831-335-6318

Together we can keep our skies open.