We’re officially a MultiGP Chapter!

It’s Official – Santa Cruz FPV is now a chapter of MultiGP, we are apart of the largest organized FPV racing organization in the USA, with over 1000+ members and growing rapidly. We are excited to be apart of an amazing organization that is bringing FPV racing to the nation at a grassroots level.  This isn’t time-trials- this is[…]

Youtube Splash

Santa Cruz FPV is about to takeoff!

Our website is now feature complete! We have our first Meetup scheduled. Facebook page fleshed out. YouTube page for the locals. Subreddit for our local flying community. First Person View flying is here to stay. It has started to gain mainstream appeal- with a flood of new pilots in just the last 6 months and no[…]

Zoe Group Photo

Coming Soon

Santa Cruz FPV officially launched August 1st, 2015! Our Goal To organize local events for FPV Pilots around the Santa Cruz County area and to provide a face to the local hobby. Santa Cruz FPV is put together and ran by some of the most experienced pilots in the area. We hope to prove that the[…]


Santa Cruz FPV is Live!

If you build it, will people come? We’re about to find out! Santa Cruz FPV is a new group banner for local pilots to fly under. We hope to organize local activities for all FPV loving locals! Our first event is coming up on Sunday August 16th at 4pm – Sunset, find it on![…]